An Update on Meriam

My last post was about a Meriam Ibrahim, Christian Sudanese woman, who has been sentenced to death for not renouncing her faith and converting to Islam.  She was pregnant and imprisoned with her 20-month-old son Martin.  It was reported that Meriam gave birth to a baby girl early yesterday morning.  She has also been sentenced to receive a brutal beating of 100 lashes for “adultery” because she married a non-Muslim.  This was supposed to happen as soon as her baby was delivered.  I don’t know whether this horrible sentence has been carried out yet or not, but please pray keep praying for this family.  Pray especially for this new baby’s health, her mother’s recovery, and  that asylum will be granted to Meriam and her two children (both American citizens) by the United States.

From Fox News: Sudanese woman sentenced to death for apostasy gives birth in prison

From Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE – Wife set to hang for marrying Christian U.S. citizen gives birth to baby girl in squalid jail.

From Breitbart: Death sentenced Sudanese Christian convert ‘gives birth in jail’

If you can, please speak out against what is happening to Meriam at the BeHeard Project.  Share her story on social media…Facebook…on Twitter…however you can to anybody you can.


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