Good Morning, World!

Good morning…and a happy Monday to you!  Mondays are one of those things that I feel would be better off occurring on an annual basis, but because the calendar mandates that they happen weekly, I am attempting to meet it with a stiff upper lip.

Side note: using idiomatic expressions like this often send me off on a tangent to find out the origin.  In case you were wondering, although this expression is used most commonly to describe British stoicism, it apparently originated in America and its first documented usage occurred in 1815 when some guy applied for a business license.  (Yay, red tape!)  According to Wikipedia, anyway.  If this were my public speaking class, I just would have lost 50 points off of my grade for using that as a source.  However, I couldn’t find anything better than that during my cursory search this morning…so, that’s what you get.

Wow.  I’ve completely forgotten what I set out to write about in the excitement of etymological discovery.  [Insert pregnant pause here whilst I try to recover that thought…]

Since I still can’t remember, let’s talk about hydration for a second.  Back when I wrote my non-resolutions, line item 5 was about drinking more water.  I’ve been doing pretty well at this for the last month.  This morning, in the two-ish hours I have been up and at ’em, I have managed to drink no less than 60 ounces of water.  I don’t feel that it would be too much of an exaggeration to say that I feel like my tonsils are floating.

And on that note, have a wonderful day!


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  1. This is like when I sit down to my computer to accomplish something specific and productive, but get distracted by FB, Pinterest, whatever, and forget what it was I sat down to do. Or, when I walk into a room and ask myself, “Why did I come here?”

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