Monday Musings

  1. Pounding out chicken breasts with a meat tenderizer (a.k.a. “The Persuader” à la Chef Anne Burrell) is amazingly therapeutic.  Watch out for your fingers, though.  Just saying…
  2. Making your own granola bars is awesome.  Perhaps next time though, either the (sugar-free) honey content should be increased or the baking time reduced, because they are a wee bit fragile.  Still delicious, but fragile.
  3. Making your own (sugar-and-fat-free) frozen yogurt is also awesome.  I made the base last night and froze it up this morning.  This rendition is blueberry.  It has the perfect balance of tang and sweetness.  Plus, you burn extra calories trying to chisel it out of the container if you forget to thaw it during dinner like I did.  Watch out for your fingers.  Just saying…
  4. I have had to journal my usage of telecommunications systems today.  Holy bandwidth.  It doesn’t feel like much, but it takes up a lot of space on paper.
  5. I can still think in binary.  After a little review, my fluency in hexadecimal returned, as did octal. Thank goodness, because that made tonight’s homework assignment much easier.  (I still prefer decimal, but binary is fun!  As is Binary Coded Decimal, a.k.a. “BCD.”)
  6. There are certain artists I tend to migrate towards when I need a mood bounce.  Rascal Flatts is hitting the spot tonight.  They may be a boy band, but dude.  I heart their harmony and sheer rockingness so much.  Did I mention their harmony makes me happy?  Their rendition of “Life is a Highway” makes me bounce wherever I happen to be, which is a pretty incredible achievement considering my dwindling penchant for bouncing these pregnant days.
  7. Baby has his fifteen-month appointment tomorrow.  My fingers are crossed that he doesn’t need to get any shots.  Metaphorically crossed.  It’s really hard to type that way…
  8. I really want to go to the thrift store.  There are a couple of maternity refashions that I’m dying to try to do, but I don’t want to do it on anything that I currently have in my house.
  9. Baby loves being pushed around while sitting in his Duplos box while he makes car engine revving noises.  It is utterly adorable, as is the fact that he has learned to give kisses and hugs for real now.
  10. Oldest has discovered the awesomeness of long division.  Suffice it to say that he’s not a fan.  That’s okay…neither is Daddy.

P.S.  New Baby is dancing on my ribs.  He seems to like Rascal Flatts, too!


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