Time Management

Can I take a moment to gripe about a pet peeve of mine?  No?  But, I really have to get this off my chest!  Pretty please?

I have this thing about time.  I have to beat deadlines, arrive early for appointments and generally be proactive so that I am never late for anything.  When I am late for something, whether it’s my fault or due to circumstances beyond my control, it ruins my day and sometimes my whole week.  I’m not sure at what point this particular quirk of mine came into existence.  My dad has always been big on punctuality, so I’m sure that was an influence in this direction.  Definitely my time in the military contributed to it as well…you know, the whole you’re late if you’re on time and on time if you’re early kind of thing.  I’ve always kind of sympathized for the White Rabbit in the Alice in Wonderland movie (Disney, 1951).

I’m late!

I’m late!

For a very important date.

No time to say “Hello, Goodbye”.

I’m late, I’m late, I’m late.

I mentioned earlier this week that I’m taking a class.  The professor was very proactive about sending out assignment deadlines.  In fact, he sent them out more than a week before class started.  That made me happy because I could plan on the front end how to get everything submitted on time.  For example, this week we have three assignments with the following time parameters.

  1. Write a discussion board post introducing ourselves and our technology background.  Due Thursday at 23:59 (11:59 PM in case you’re not hip on the 24-hour time schema).  Mine was submitted at 0645 Monday.
  2. Write an essay (no fewer than 500 words) about the relevance of telecommunications to a Christian worldview.  Due this coming Monday at 23:59.  Mine was submitted at 1251 Thursday.
  3. Respond to each and every classmate’s introduction post in such a way that the professor can tell that you have read each post.  This is where I’m having problems.

So far, we have nineteen people total in the class.  Out of those nineteen, two of them have submitted their initial posts today…well past the deadline.  We have had four days to submit a two-paragraph assignment that should be the easiest one in this course because it’s about…us.  It just irritates me because every time I think I can check the box and mark assignment 3 as “complete,” somebody else is jumping in the pool.  And yes, I am definitely blowing this out of proportion.  They are the ones whose grades will be affected, not me.  However, I take school seriously, and go out of my way to give myself enough room to finish assignments before the very last second even when it means hauling my pregnant butt out of bed early or staying up late to get things done, especially if my work is needed by somebody else so that they can complete their assignments as well.  Thank goodness we have no big group projects in the class, or I’d be having a major panic attack right now.  (Thank goodness that this is an online class because I don’t play well with others in the classroom…)

Phew!  It feels good to get that off my chest.  Thanks for listening!


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