Making a Baby for Baby, Part 1

This afternoon, I started working on prepping the construction of Baby’s baby.  This is the part of a sewing project that always takes the longest for me.  Cutting out the pattern pieces, ironing everything, laying the pieces out on the fabric, staring at the layout, hating it, completely redoing the layout…you get the picture.

I ran into a bit of a snag with my typical process because a few of the pieces need to be cut four times.  I didn’t want to cut them individually, and I never cut more than a double layer of fabric at once because it gets…messy.  So, I made extra pieces for the arm, ear and leg.  That way, I can stew over my cutting layout in peace.  And yes…I’m fully aware of how neurotic that makes me sound.

Once I get everything cut out of the fabric, I get to go through the same process for the interfacing and then have to attach those pieces to my fabric pieces.  I’ve never had a project that required said interfacing for each pattern piece, but I suppose it will make the knit “skin” more sturdy.  I ended up going with a good quality apparel knit because sadly, craft velour is not sold at any of my local fabric stores and I didn’t feel like ordering from some random website.

I’m really excited about what comes after the cutting.  I get to embroider a baby face, belly button, and other little touches that will probably not mean anything to Baby at the moment, but will make my detail-needing self really happy.  I also get to try to make baby hair, but I’m going to wait until his head is assembled and stuffed (that sounds so weird) so that I can make sure his hair fits correctly.

And that makes my baby’s doll sound like a miniature Donald Trump.

To be continued…


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