A Baby for Baby

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been brainstorming about ways to introduce Baby to New Baby.  As Baby will be just under eighteen months when he becomes a big brother, diplomacy isn’t really a viable option.  Enter early childhood memories…

When my (first) baby brother was born, he brought my sister and me baby dolls so that we could take care of our babies while Mommy took care of hers.  I remember it (read the bribe) working really well.  When Daddy came to tell us that we had a little brother, we told him that God got our order wrong and to send him back.  Well, at the hospital, he gave us presents…and we decided that he could stay.  Plus, he was adorable.

I really think that this could be good for Baby.  We can practice how to touch and treat New Baby, and he’ll have one of his own to snuggle while Momma’s feeding or snuggling hers.  (I’ve come full circle.  Life is weirdly wonderful sometimes.)

This began a quest for a cute (read not scary) boy doll.  Lemme tell you…my dreams have been haunted by some of the monstrosities I came across during this process.  Seriously, I couldn’t find one that wouldn’t send me running away screaming except for American Girl‘s “Bitty Baby.”  As cute as they are, they’re all girls…and $55.00, which is a bit outside my budget.  So, I decided that sewing Baby his very own baby brother doll would be a better option.  And I couldn’t find a pattern that I really liked anywhere.

Until today.

I found Simplicity Pattern 2809.  It is exactly what I was hoping to be able to make (without spending hours drafting my own pattern).  The baby boy doll looks incredibly huggable, and I’m going to be able to tweak the aesthetics of his face and body really easily.  This dude’s gonna get a belly button.  I also decided that I’m going to crochet him a wig cap out of Lion Brand Fun Fur yarn so his whole head is nice and fluffy instead of attaching random bangs to a bald baby head as directed by the pattern..  I’m so excited!  I got the stuff I need to make the doll today while I was at the store picking up the pattern that I (quite uncharacteristically) had the presence of mind to call ahead and put on hold.  Once I make him I’ll move on to clothes and/or accessories.  There’s a pattern for a teddy bear and a blankie, too.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a start on him absolutely no later than next week.  I really want to do it tomorrow, but I have an early morning date with a disgustingly sugary drink that’s going to turn me into a shaky, wobbly mess for the rest of the day.


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