Wrapping It Up…

…Like a Christmas package.  This past week, that is.

  1. I slept much better last night and didn’t try shooting anybody with blueberries at all.
  2. We actually made it to the grocery store, which is good for everybody.
  3. My dog had an upset tummy today.  Thankfully, no carpet, socks or underwear were harmed during this episode of doggie indigestion.  However, the living room and our bedroom carpets got steam-cleaned since she left us little gifts in several spots.  Poor Chickie…
  4. I’m going to try making low-fat low-sugar chocolate ice cream tomorrow.  Wish me luck!
  5. My Redskins lost.  That’s okay.  Did I mention that we beat the Cowboys last week?
  6. I gave my baby his first “big boy” haircut on Friday.  It’s adorable and I hate it.  His hair isn’t as soft or wispy anymore.  It’s so sad.  On the other hand, my husband loves it.
  7. I’m pretty sure that New Baby is trying to change my oil at this very moment.  I’m not entirely certain how to tell him that I’m not a car and therefore have no oil to change.
  8. I’m also restarting pregnancy yoga and starting Project Kitchen tomorrow.  That’s the plan, anyway.  I’ll let you know how it goes.
  9. I really want to modify a non-maternity pattern for maternity use.  I have tissue paper and I’m not afraid to use it.  Plus, I can’t find a cute long-sleeved dress anywhere.  I’m not sure why…
  10. If I’m going to do all this stuff tomorrow, I should probably go to bed.

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