“I’m in shape! Round’s a shape!”

I went to Target today with Husband and Boys for no particular reason before grocery shopping.  Well, there was a reason.  My husband was looking for the diet “Fountain Mist” syrup for his Christmas SodaStream.  We didn’t find it, but that may be just as well since an Amazon reviewer commented that it smells like an “over-sweetened kerosene based cleaning fluid.”  (It took all of the strength I possess to not edit that quote for any and all erroneous punctuation content.)  That unfortunate description aside, the SodaStream really is awesome!  I’m digging the nearly-instant carbonated water, which is assisting me in conquering non-resolution number five.  (Please see I Hereby Resolve for details.  Thanks a heap.)  But, I digress.  The SodaStream is a topic for another post.

I’ve been feeling very pregnant and just plain tired today.  I had to take no less than fifteen potty breaks during the night.  Plus, New Baby seemed unhappy with every position I tried.  Given that there are only two positions…left side and right side…that are physically possible, this meant that there was a lot of rotisserie-ing going on all night.  Today while walking around, the penguin waddle was definitely in full effect.  This and the fact that I looked like I had a very large watermelon concealed under my sweatshirt meant that three very well-meaning ladies came up to me and asked if I was due soon.  Like next week soon.  I had to tell them no…we still have about three months to go.  They gaped and wished me good luck.  One lady apologized and said consolingly that I’m “all baby.”  Yes.  Yes, I am.  *sigh*  I know my baby bump is quite…developed…given this stage of the pregnancy.  Sadly, there’s nothing I can do about it.  I’m short-waisted, so there’s nowhere for New Baby to go but out.  Way out.

I tremble to think about how many feet my tummy may be sticking out by the time New Baby gets here.  My stretch marks are getting stretch marks of their own.  I do use cocoa butter, but mostly it just makes me want chocolate cake.  It’s all good.  He’s so worth it!

If only the guy at Wendy’s hadn’t asked if we were having twins.  “That’s gonna be one big baby!!”  Yes.  Yes, he is.


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