The Jack of the Baskervilles

My family has a beagle named Jack.  He is a sweet boy with some minor oddities…you know, like eating the eyes off of every stuffed animal who is unfortunate enough to cross his path and being completely unable to walk down a staircase without taking out anyone who happens to be on said staircase at the same time.  A while back I watched a documentary on Animal Planet about the smartest dog breeds on the, well, planet.  I was utterly floored when beagles came out in the top spot.  I never would have known that from the example I have living in my house.  In fact, you could say that he’s a few tacos short of a fiesta platter.  All that being said, there is no animal alive who is more patient or loving with his family.  Baby loves him and shows it as gently as any tiny boy was ever able to do, but “Dog-Dog” couldn’t be happier than when he’s being loved by his miniature Human.

Jack, the beagle

Meet Jack, our family’s beagle. Isn’t he cute?

This leads me to relate a rather unfortunate incident that occurred just last night.  Oldest and Baby were in bed, asleep.  Around 2200 (10 PM for you non-military readers) in my sleep-induced haze, I heard Baby crying through the monitor.  (Side note…Baby’s been doing a lot of that the last couple of days because he’s been afflicted with a random fever.  Poor sweetie.)  I changed his diaper, which he was not happy about anyway, and then tried to calm him back down.  That’s when I heard The Sound.

I neglected to mention earlier that Jack has another personality quirk.  He doesn’t do anything quietly.  About three years ago, he finally found his beagle voice and our lives have never been the same.  No beagle ever howled with the enthusiasm that this dog does.  It’s blood-curdling when one is not expecting it…which one never is.  One being me.  He also snores like the offspring of a freight train and a dragon.  Our house is a senior citizen, which means that sounds travel quite well through its floors and ceilings.

What usually happens in our house after the kiddies are asleep is that Husband and I retire upstairs to our office/bedroom.  We bring the dogs up with us to get some non-miniature Human affection before we all fall asleep.  As I rocked Baby downstairs in his room last night, I heard a sound that filled my baby’s heart with fright at each occurrence.  I couldn’t figure out at first if it was a truck revving its engine outside or if something horribly wrong was happening to our furnace.  Then, The Sound scratched itself.  I could hear its foot thumping on the floor.  The Sound was Jack…sleeping.  And my baby screamed with terror.

Happily, this story ended well for everybody but the dogs.  Baby and I watched some Baby Galileo, which restored the smiles and giggles.  He fell back asleep.  I fell back asleep.  However, both dogs were sent to bed in the kitchen early, where Jack’s snores couldn’t terrify anyone but the cats.

Jack of the Baskervilles.  I'm sure this is the image Baby had in his head during The Sound.

Meet the Jack of the Baskervilles. I’m sure this is the image Baby had in his head during The Sound.


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