One of the (many) Food Network shows that I watch semi-regularly is Chopped.  I love seeing the arbitrary mandatory secret ingredients being revealed to the hapless chefs and watching as they work their magic to transform them into something awesome.  Plus, I like learning about the different ingredients…what they are, how they’re supposed to taste, their characteristics.  Some I would totally try using in my own kitchen.  Some I would run away from in absolute terror.

The whole show is an exercise in creativity under fire.  It makes me wonder (only briefly) whether I’d be able to complete each challenge or whether I’d run away crying like a little girl.  Seriously, who puts liver in a dessert basket?  And what if strawberries were a mandatory ingredient?  That probably sounds like a dream come true to most people, but I happen to be deathly allergic to strawberries.  What then?  Would the judges take pity on me?

But, I digress.  The whole reason this post came to be in the first place is because I found this question posted in my Facebook news feed.

The Food Network Kitchens are ready for a Chopped Challenge!

Comment below with three ingredients you would put in a Chopped basket. Chefs from the Kitchens will pick one, open the basket, and cook up a dish with those ingredients.

Naturally, I started obsessing over the ingredients that I would personally pick.  I started looking at some of the ingredients that my fellow Food Network junkies posted and was fairly amused at both the ingredients listed and the combinations they were listed in.  I have no idea what I would do with marshmallow fluff, fish and onions.  That’s just mean.  But, I think I could do some serious damage with potted meat, graham crackers and honey mustard.  It would be kind of a take on corn dogs…and okay, I’m back.

I decided that I would pick lima beans, because I have no idea how to use them and I think their texture is really weird.  I would also pick turkey bacon and Grapples (a grape-flavored apple…yes, they’re real).  I think that the bacon and fruit would be fairly easy to work with , but I have no idea what they’d do with the lima beans.  Did I mention that this was a dessert basket?


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